How do virtual and real worlds complement each other to foster collaborative synergies and bring out new social and environmental experiences?

KEONYS organized its second Innovation Day on September 17, 2019 on the Dassault Systèmes campus. This day dedicated to the link between digital transformation and competitiveness, thanks to Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, highlighted the success of this choice in the industrial and academic world. Find the highlights of the round table, moderated by Christine Kerdellant, Managing Editor of l’Usine Nouvelle with customer testimonials such as Regis Galmiche and Vincent Portier from SBM Offshore, Ludovic Georget from MCPP, Emeuric Gleizes from Spacetrain and Frédéric Xerri from Louis Armand High School.

Some quotes from our customers:

We save about 20% of the time spent by the planner”, MCPP

We were able to build a prototype on a half scale that we recently exhibited at the Paris Air Show“, Spacetrain

We saved between 1000 and 2000 hours for design“, SBM Offshore

We do not only train our students in the tool but also in behavior“, Lycée Louis Armand

Ludovic Georget: I am in charge of the supply chain at MCPP. We are specialized in the development and production of high-performance elastomer compounds.

Christine Kerdellant: How do you measure the return on investment?

LG: We have been increasing our productivity by 5% since we implemented ORTEMS, a production scheduling solution, and about 20% time saving for the production planner.

Emeuric Gleizes: Spacetrain is a company that develops a transport concept, we manufacture an air cushion shuttle with a linear induction motor that will be powered by an hydrogen fuel cell. We were inspired by the Aerotrain project that existed in the 1960s. The great thing is that we can transform the past into the future. We worked with my current engineers on Jean Bertin’s cushion air and thanks to the 3DEXPERIENCE ® platform, we were able to highlight the defects that we could not detect 50 years ago.  We have thus reapplied for patents and Spacetrain now own three patents. This technology helps me a lot because when I meet with communities or potential customers, I can use this platform to show the progress of the work.

CK: What stage are we at now?

EG: We built a prototype on a half scale that we recently exhibited at the Paris Air Show.

CK: When do you plan to launch the Spacetrain?

EG: We would like to complete and validate the concept in 2025.

CK: You are IT project manager at SBM Offshore

Regis Galmiche: SBM Offshore is the leader in Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessels. To simplify, an FPSO recovers crude oil from the seabed, the particularity of SBM Offshore is to be able to anchor up to 3000 meters deep.

CK: Why did you implement 3DEXPERIENCE® platform?

Vincent Portier: We have in the company an objective which is to decrease, from the design to the finished product, from 36 to 24 months, the 3DEXPERIENCE® allows us to duplicate projects and thus to save between 1000 and 2000 hours for the design.

CK: What has 3DEXPERIENCE®  changed in terms of work methods and organization?

VP: The platform is open to engineers, department managers and all those involved in design, suppliers can work remotely from home. SBM Offshore has been implementing teleworking for one year and engineers can work with their laptops from home at least once a week.

CK: Our last speaker is not a businessman but he works for companies ; you are a mechanical engineering teacher in a BTS class.

Frédéric Xerri: We are in an environment of young people who live in an ultra-connected world, who were born with the Internet. The idea is to be able to work in a collaborative mode and on projects that motivate them and not only related to mechanics but also to mechatronics and robotics.

We train our students not only in the tool but also in a behavior. The environment completely changes the way projects and learning methods are approached.  Part of my job consists in helping the students to develop their skills, to change and to evolve.

CK: What has struck me in all your testimonies is that we feel that there was no fear of change, no fear of jumping the step when you switched to the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform. There is much less resistance to change than you feared at first.

VP: indeed there was no resistance to change, I don’t hear them complaining anymore J

RG: innovation comes from technicians and engineers, they are the ones who pushed.

LG: This has brought peace of mind in the company because it allows information to be shared in real time and decision-making to be accelerated. There were many fewer conflicts between the different services as a result and this has greatly improved relations.

Patrick Derouin: I would like to take this opportunity to come back on two points: It is not really a question of being afraid of the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, but it is in fact the decision to initiate its digital transformation that may generate some resistance. We find ourselves in front of a wall of domains and changes. I would also like to take this opportunity to address the financial aspect with the tax measure introduced about one year ago on tax overpayment. All hardware and software related to innovation and R&D benefit from this measure until December 2020.

CK: Thank you for your participation

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