Jos voskuil IDAY2020 transformation nulmérique industries

On November 19th, Jos Voskuil will moderate Benelux edition of our Innovation Day at Dassault Systèmes in Den Bosch. During this event, industrials will talk about the challenges and advantages of digital transformation, an issue for start-ups, SMEs and large groups.

Jos Voskuil, PLM Consultant, Coach and Translator, has been active in the domain of PLM for over 20 years. Initially as PLM implementer, trainer and coach for SmarTeam in the mid-market. Later, he worked as an intermediary between PLM solution providers, implementation managers and their customers. He has acquired a wide experience in all kinds of PLM related domains, which he shares since 2008 on his blog :

Currently, Jos is lecturing and actively explaining and promoting modern data-driven approaches for PLM toward a model-based enterprise in all its aspects, the business side, the impact on an organization, and the required methodologies/technologies. This is why we have chosen him to moderate our next Innovation Day.

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