When virtual reality meets the real world : emergence of new collaborative synergies for social and environmental experiences.

KEONYS held its second edition of Innovation Day on September 17, 2019 on Dassault Systèmes campus. This event was structured around the main challenges and opportunities of digital transformation in industry.  It was a great opportunity to welcome large companies such as SBM Offshore, SMEs such as MCPP France or start-ups, such as Spacetrain and the Academic world with the Lycée Louis Armand, who proved that digital transformation is a key factor for growth and differentiation. Even if they face different kind of challenges, they could share the main benefits of the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform.

We were delighted to welcome Patrick Derouin, Value Solutions EuroWest Director, Dassault Systèmes who has resolutely set the tone since the introduction of this event.

The business leaders of tomorrow are those who will succeed in capturing and bringing together this knowledge and know-how in order to continuously offer new services and experiences to their customers. This experiential offer will energize, even dynamite the market.“

On behalf of Dassault Systèmes, welcome to the campus today. I am delighted to host the second edition of KEONYS’ Innovation Day. If you belong to companies that think that digital transformation can impact your business, if your business is subject to regulation, certification, if quality, time to market, execution, planning are topics that reflect your daily life, if collaboration between the different organizations of your company can be improved, if, like the founder of HP, you think that if your company knew what your company knows, your company would be twice as profitable

If acquiring and retaining new talent is a challenge for you, if cloud based design, data simulation, data intelligence, technological obsolescence are also part of your challenges, then I have good news: you are in the right place and with the right partner.

A good partner for Dassault Systèmes is a partner who masters both our technologies and our solutions but above all he can master your business and your job. Today, the most important when you are carrying out a digital transformation project is not to reproduce what already exists in a new technology, but to redefine the way of working to face the challenges of the future and to capture these business processes to integrate them into a digital platform. The second important aspect is to work with a trusty partner, it is his ability to support you, we will see later that the first step is the most difficult in the process of a digital transformation because there are many topics. It is therefore this ability to support the managers and employees, it is indeed a key point and one of the strengths of our partner KEONYS.

Last year, I began to focus on Dassault Systèmes’ vision of the industry of the future, which we call the “Renaissance Industry”. There are many facets to digital transformation and I will highlight two points. Finally, for us, the business leaders of tomorrow are those who will succeed in capturing and bringing together this knowledge and know-how in order to continuously offer new services and experiences to their customers. This experiential offer will energize, even dynamite the market.

The continuous improvement of production costs is a mandatory but not sufficient phase. I am not going to tell you about the success and highly publicized stories that we all know such as famous American or Chinese start-ups but more prosaically in our country, it is incredible to see in the automotive or aeronautic sector start-ups of less than twenty people who in less than twenty-four months can fly a prototype. It is on this reality that we must rely to define our future.

The virtual world is the second interesting point.  I believe that our future challenges for companies, the planet, new energies, education, food, urban congestion, in fact bringing the real world into the virtual world is the only way to develop new scenarios and define in record time the best solutions. And at Dassault Systèmes, talking about virtual worlds doesn’t mean only mechanical or fluid simulation, we think about measuring the impacts, the virtual world thus improves the real world. In terms of innovation, it also allows us to think differently and in an increasingly globalised and competitive world, this is an undeniable advantage that we cannot do without. Dassault Systèmes and its partners offer these innovation platforms and virtual worlds to build a better world. This point is crucial for us and it is really our motto. For us, Innovation helps harmonize products, nature and life in a sustainable way.

Christine Kerdellant : And concretely, how would you define a digital platform?

P.Derouin : There are two aspects. The media aspect consists in accessing information in real-time, information that comes from different sources within the company and the Internet through user communities who have common interests, who will exchange messages by using the Chat function and freely communicate their knowledge and experiences in a collaborative mode. I’d like to emphasize a more advanced point : the application and multi-disciplinary aspect that will allow you to manage your business on a daily basis, to manage your projects with your employees, to manage your supply chain, to manage your value chain, to manage your production chain and of course to manage your innovation around the digital twin.

CK : Is it well suited for SMEs? Do we need infrastructure to make it work?

P.Derouin : It is now easily accessible since today, through cloud solutions, more than 70% of the solutions in Dassault Systèmes’ catalogue are now available in the cloud, it is finally accessible in a very simple way and Dassault Systèmes manages the infrastructures, application updates and data security.

Digital transformation is an undeniable lever for competitiveness and differentiation for all sizes of companies and in all sectors of activity. To support and help companies to better manage change, KEONYS has implemented a project analysis and monitoring methodology that allows, step by step, to successfully implement the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform.