The 3DVARIUS is an electric violin made entirely in 3D printing. Its creator and designer is Laurent Bernadac, a French violinist who developed the instrument with a very personal approach. His sensitivity as an artist coupled with his skills as a mechanical and energy engineer have produced a violin whose design and sound have already won over renowned violinists around the world.

3DEXPERIENCE® creates music” is the result of a successful marriage between digital technologies and art in all its forms. Today, digital technology is beyond the realm of industry. It is resolutely at the heart of creativity for all. 3DEXPERIENCE® orchestrates and unites all business lines to create the passions and products of tomorrow. That’s why we invite you to join us and experience a world where the virtual improves the real world.

The history of 3DVARIUS will be presented by Xavier Melkonian of Dassault Systèmes.