Immersing yourself in a world where music and new digital technologies are combined in harmony is an exclusive experience that KEONYS invites you to enjoy at La Philharmonie de Paris on June 18th, 2019. You will discover the wonderful adventure of TAKUMI YAMAMOTO, renowned designer and creator of the project “A portrait of DB”.

“I fell in love with the man (David Bowie) and his music when I was nine years old. And I decided to become a car designer at the same period. Since then, I have never stopped dreaming about the moment when I could finally collaborate with him, even if I am not a musician,” explains Takumi Yamamoto.

As a graduate from the Fine Arts School in Tokyo, Takumi became a designer in the automotive field and worked for major European manufacturers for nearly 20 years. But his childhood dream did not leave him and it was in 2015 that he decided that his creativity will be serving his own brand. “I wanted to be at the origin of my own concept and create a very personal environment to design David Bowie’s car. The release of his new album “Blackstar” immediately transported me and inspired me with new ideas for car shapes.” David Bowie unfortunately passed away a few days later, leaving Takumi in a state of desolation. But the designer has surprisingly drawn from it an unshakeable faith in the conviction that “nothing is impossible” and put all his creative genius into the creation of an iconic car in tribute to David Bowie’s musical work. “I created “A portrait of DB” as if it were a work of art, it’s his portrait through my eyes and the emotions he transmitted to me forever.”

“A portrait of DB” is a car that was created by Takumi Yamamoto, C. Ancely & A. Larnac in 3D printing, the history and concept of the car will be presented by Takumi Yamamoto and Dassault Systèmes.

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