What’s my job? Daniel Jäger, Junior Consultant Digital Factory Solutions at CENIT!

What’s my job? is our video serie dedicated to the people working at CENIT ! In this episode, discover Daniel Jäger’s profile from his background to his current post in CENIT !

What’s your job about ?

Daniel Jäger: “CENIT Inc. is software company, we are integrated in many different areas. The department of Digital Factory Solutions deals with the Digital Factory, we develop our own software here. My tasks are to train the customers on this software, to support the projects as well as occasional research tasks. So my working week is very versatile, there are always different projects. I have worked mostly on research projects. Here we developed concepts on how to further develop the software, what new sales opportunities for the software will look like, various research topics related to new manufacturing processes that can be integrated into the software. So we receive production orders from clients for instance for a robot cell which is to be programmed. The customer sends us the engineering data of the cell and the associated workpieces, explains how the workpieces are manufactured. We then program this cell with our system and offer these solutions to the customer. So I get the CAD files for the sites or workshops and I have to prepare these in our software. For example, creating kinematic chains for robots so that the robots move accordingly in our software, because the CAD models that we get are geometries that are immobile. During training, the customer is taught how to use our software. Since it is a completely company-own software, we are naturally the one with the know-how and have to train the customer, as is common with any other program too.”

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