VELAN Testimonial – Planning production in a highly challenging environment

In a context of electro-nuclear development, China wishes to launch a programme to build 40 reactors over 25 years. Velan is then chosen to supply the fitting


In order to meet this demand, Velan is forced to increase its workforce, expand its production site, and change its way of planning by equipping itself with software.

The challenge: At Velan, planning was done the old-fashioned way via scheduling utilities developed in their ERP. The small number of orders meant that scheduling teams knew priorities and scheduling without the need for tools. In addition, the nuclear sector is subject to numerous time and safety constraints.

“Before, the management of these constraints was empirical: excel files and pivot tables were needed and they had to be redone each time a constraint changed.”
Pierre-Alain Eloy, Planning Manager at Velan

The solution: Planning and scheduling is done with DELMIA Ortems.
The solution offers an online order book allowing you to gain visibility on manufacturing and invoicing over lead times of up to 48 months.
Ortems allows you to anticipate and maintain control over production to avoid overloads.

“We chose the DELMIA Ortems planning solution because it was the only one to offer the contract to date (project management) and to adapt to the volume of our markets from a few weeks on standard equipment to 1-2 years on specific manufacturing for markets with high constraints (2 to 3 years of manufacturing in the machine)” Pierre-Alain Eloy tells us about the choice of the solution.

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