Digital Simulation: a Measure of Competitiveness

Keonys, the leading European integrator of Dassault Systèmes product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions, “the 3DEXPERIENCE company”, has signed a new Abaqus contract with CD-PLAST, a firm of technical and mechanical research consultants who specialise in structural calculations and rheology, mainly in the aerospace, marine, automotive, and electronics sectors.

We had been looking for a structural calculation program to meet our industrial clients’ current requirements, which are essentially to be able to design the right product within a shorter time framework

Denis Tellier, the CEO of CD-PLAST


«Our fields of specialised expertise are focused on extremely complex industrial problems and we have examined a number of proposals to enable us to deal with these new challenges. We decided to work with Keonys because their specialists in digital simulation were able to demonstrate the indisputable advantages of the Abaqus solution for simulating aerodynamic performance and the thermal aspects of our strategic projects.»


Improved performance in companies

Whether they are SMEs or large industrial groups, depends on optimisation of procedures, innovation and rationalisation of tools and resources. Abaqus is a multi- physical simulation tool that is directly compatible with the numerous solutions already adopted and thus considerably reduces the organisation’s operating costs.


Being able to carry out a virtual simulation of the behaviour of products of all kinds, predicting their performance even before they have been created, then modifying and improving the virtual mock-up without waiting to see the physical mock-up: all this makes for a rapid process and is a real help in terms of performance gains and innovation.

Jacques Bacry, CEO of Keonys

«We are convinced that with the Abaqus solution, CD-PLAST, whose fields of specialisation include rheological studies of the transformation of plastic materials by injection processes, will optimise their design cycle time for their new products.»


Getting the right product into the market-place the first time round is certainly a guarantee of competitiveness


Abaqus makes us more efficient in numerous different domains. Being able, for example, to simulate the behaviour of a component subjected to vibrations is particularly innovative, since this means we can now manufacture a product that meets the requirements specified without need for prototypes or mock-ups,” observed Denis Tellier. We plan to acquire the Abaqus composites module in the near future, so as to become a key player in composites, particularly in the aerospace industry.”



CD-PLAST is a firm of technical and mechanical research consultants consisting of 25 technicians and engineers. CD-PLAST assists its clients through technical & functional analysis, brainstorming & conceptual processes, 3D design & development using CAD tools (Catia, ProE, Solidworks, Solidedge and Unigraphics NX), functional dimensioning and conversion to 2D, technical assistance & fine-tuning, structural calculations (linear, non-linear, static & dynamic), and rheology (MOLDFLOW). CD-PLAST works in numerous fields of activity such as the aerospace, marine, automotive, electronics, medical equipment and baby-care sectors. CD-PLAST was founded in 1992 and is based in La Roche-sur-Yon in western France. It also benefits from French government tax credits to aid research & development.


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