KEONYS launches ENOVIA V6 at Bilsing Automation

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform from Dassault Systèmes allows for collaborative and sustainable innovation.


Keonys, Europe’s foremost integrator of PLM solutions from Dassault Systèmes, the company behind the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, is set to deliver 50 ENOVIA V6 workstations to Bilsing Automation, a leading specialist in the design and production of flexible gripping and handling systems for the sheet metal forming and automotive industries.


In 2012, a study was carried out at Bilsing that resulted in Keonys consultants drawing up a roadmap that defined priority strategies for improving the company’s industrial processes and proposed a collaborative platform for Bilsing Automation’s 9 subsidiaries and 12 units around the world.


Our main issue was a deficit in terms of internal communication. Bilsing Automation is an international group that manages a wide range of skills in different fields of expertise on each site and we had no single unifying tool.

Romain Bournet, Bilsing Automation’s Managing Director in France and Head of the PLM project.


The world’s leading producer of industrial gripping systems, Bilsing Automation is a medium-sized German company with 250 staff, organized around three major hubs:


  • Engineering design is carried out principally in France, Germany and the Czech Republic, and occasionally in the US, Spain and Turkey
  • The main production site is based in the Czech Republic, with 2 local production units in Brazil and China
  • Project teams are embedded within each of the subsidiaries


Our studies quickly highlighted the need to acquire a collaborative tool that would allow us to implement new uniform work processes, organized and shared across all the sites

Jacques Bacry, Co-President of Keonys.


The deployment of the ENOVIA V6 solution, the latest generation in Dassault Systèmes’ PLM range, will facilitate to the harmonization of industrial processes and methodologies while sharpening the focus of the continually updated product catalogs.


As an example, Bilsing manages a catalog of more than 14,000 components which, thanks to V6 PLM, will henceforth be sorted and customized in specific catalogs according to customer requirements, activities and location


«Thanks to the unified technical data system and the studies carried out by Keonys, we estimate we will gain €500.000 per year» adds Romain Bournet.


The following illustration is eloquent: “Bilsing UK regularly negotiates very large projects for our key customer JAGUAR LAND-ROVER. Bilsing Germany supervises the project, the engineering design and simulation work is performed by Bilsing France, while the production of the components and the construction of the grippers is carried out by Bilsing in the Czech Republic.


To a massive reduction of delivery deadlines

Now, with the V6 collaborative platform, a single project manager will centralize and control the data, delivering an incontestable gain in terms of optimizing our costs and data quality, while considerably reducing our times-to-market.


About BILSING Automation

For over 30 years, BILSING AUTOMATION has concentrated its capabilities to the development and production of flexible tooling and handling systems for press shop and body shop applications. BILSING AUTOMATION ́s tooling is an innovative modular system, assuring extraordinary quality and the highest flexibility. Wherever gripping and transporting becomes necessary in the automated process, the flexible tooling minimizes the expense for design and development. A customized solution is developed rapidly from a variety of standard components.



KEONYS press contact: Corinne Hirzel – Keonys Phone: +33 1 47 11 28 44

Press contact at Bilsing AutomationLucas Grzelak Phone: +49 27 22 95 63 50

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