KEONYS, the leading European integrator of PLM and 3D solutions, announces the signing of an industrial and commercial partnership with DIOTA, French leader in augmented reality software solutions, to offer manufacturers augmented reality solutions that integrate their digital assets.

Augmented reality allows virtual elements derived from digital models and instruction sheets to be overlaid onto a real product to provide users with better guidance, in real time, in their assembly and support tasks.  The solution offered by KEONYS, which is already being used by major French clients, is based on augmented reality technology, which has now come of age.

“The main challenge for our industrial clients is to design their products and services more rapidly and in ever more innovative ways. However, their digital assets, which are constantly increasing, are still under-exploited at the heart of production, and even just in the factories. It seemed to us an obvious step to link PLM with the production workshop to provide manufacturing and maintenance operators with effective assistance in their learning and their daily tasks. The choice of integrating the DiotaPlayer software package into our industrial solutions is the best way of meeting the expectations of our clients,” explains Bruno Puechoultres, VP Strategy & Innovation at KEONYS.

Today, manufacturers are faced with the increasing complexity of their factories and products. They have to deal with a strong disconnection between the information systems that control digital intelligence and the operators who have to utilize them in the manufacturing or maintenance workshops.

“Our augmented reality solutions create an interactive link between these two worlds. They allow the digital data derived from the information systems to be materialized accurately and robustly directly in the operational area, without the need for instrumentation, and to feed the field data directly back to the PLM. As well as the disruptive technology we deliver, the success of industrial deployments depends on the capacity to develop a synergy between the technology and relevant content to effectively address the target business processes. KEONYS, with its expertise in Dassault Systèmes PLM technologies and knowledge of industrial processes, is a strategic partner for carrying out these deployments in the best way, both in France and internationally,” states Lionnel Joussemet, co-founder and president of DIOTA.

For the first time, it is feasible to manage everything from the CAD modification loops to the augmented reality in the factory, the only way to achieve the right level of flexibility in the manufacturing or maintenance workshops.
KEONYS was also nominated for the 2016 Paris Industrie trade show awards, in the digital tools category, for this industrial augmented reality integration solution.


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