Why choosing 3DEXPERIENCE®?

3DEXPERIENCE® is a collaborative platform that allows all project contributors, whatever the business and whatever the site in the world, to interact in real time with all the stakeholders in its ecosystem. All the company’s features are gathered and the information is updated within a unique interface, easy to use and accessible to everyone to create, exchange, communicate, collaborate, design, simulate, produce, manufacture, sell, based on the countless data of the company’s various information systems: PLM, CAD, 3D, ERP, CRM, MES (Manufacturing Execution System), etc…

A global solution for sustainable growth

By connecting people, ideas and data, it will be possible to create a value chain for unique and value-added products and services market and deliver an unique customer experience.

The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform integrates all Dassault Systèmes’ products into a single support for more fluid communication between the company’s departments, better control of decision-making, and optimization of project management to increase global productivity of the organization.

In a few key words, the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform offers a collaborative, interactive, multi-tool, multi-expertise, multi-site, project-management approach.

« Customer Transformation Program »

Offers belonging to the “Customer Transformation Program”

3DEXPERIENCE® gives you access to the Customer Transformation Program.

The Dassault Systèmes’ Customer Transformation Program is a loyalty program that allows you to benefit from advanced functionalities at a reduced price on the various Dassault Systèmes’ tools.

Migrating to 3DEXPERIENCE® becomes very simple thanks to the platform’s advanced features adapted to your business sector: Engineered To Fly, Abaqus SMB, CATIA Engineering Excellence…

The Engineered To Fly offer, dedicated to aeronautical suppliers, allows to be more competitive with a productivity gain up to 40%, thanks to a better control of the production chain and a reduction in errors (up to -30%).

This program provides access to processes and tools from the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform such as the preparation and production of manufactured parts, disciplinary systems engineering, Sheetmetal work, the definition and the manufacture of composite parts.

To optimize Abaqus’ capacities, the Abaqus SMB package proposes 3 offers with different functionalities, in order to answer users’ needs as much as possible.

  • Essentials: To get started with non-linear simulation.
  • Advanced: To accelerate your non-linear analyses with parallelization and access linear optimization and fatigue calculation.
  • Ultimate: To perform your non-linear analyses using HPC high-performance computing, perform non-linear optimizations and analyze the service life of your structures.*

CATIA V5 licensees can access to the CATIA Engineering Excellence offer, which allows them to use new features, optimizing their engineering practices while reducing the time and risks associated with the process. This is reflected by the improvement of conception with KINEMATICS and SHEETMETAL, the accessibility to advanced technologies facilitating project management or by the simplification of data exchanges between employees.

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