A composite double victory for GROUPAMA and MULTIPLAST

MULTIPLAST’S technological success is boosted by its use of PLM solutions

KEONYS, a company offering consultancy in integrated solutions for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is the technological partner of Multiplast, the company that has pioneered the construction of multihull and monohull yachts in composite materials and has become a world reference for ocean- racing vessels, and is thus proud to share the final victory of Groupama 4 in the 11th Volvo Ocean Race 2011- 2012.

«The expertise and experience in using composite parts that we at Multiplast have accumulated over the last thirty years provide us with extraordinary opportunities for innovation. Offering the same strength as steel but being five times lighter, composite materials do not lose their shape and have better resistance to corrosion and high temperatures. We are particularly proud to have designed and built Groupama 4, a monohull with a length of 21.5 metres and weighing 14 tonnes, and which on 3 July 2012won the world’s most prestigious round-the-world team yacht race with ports of call, », said Dominique Dubois, CEO of Multiplast.


Right at the start of this project, we decided to invest in Dassault Systèmes’ CATIA solution to produce the required equipment and design the boat’s structural supports. The lightness and strength of Groupama 4’s hull are key factors in her performance. The entire staff of Multiplast have followed the eight months’ duration of this round-the- world race with a tremendous sense of excitement. This victory is a real triumph, proving that a French sailing team is capable of beating the best teams in the world.

Yann Perfornis, Multiplast managing director


Keonys’ specialists in the use of composites provided the Multiplast teams with technical advice to enable them to optimise their performance in handling CATIA modules involved in designing the composite elements.


About Multiplast

MULTIPLAST has been designing and building multihull and monohull vessels in advanced composite materials since the early 1980s. It was not long before the company became a world reference in the yachting world due to an exceptional list of achievements and exemplary reliability. The company has attracted major clients in the boat construction sector and has intensified its diversification into the aeronautics and space industries.



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