What’s my job ? Philippe Pedrosa, PLM Consultant at CENIT!

In the third episode of our series “What’s my job?”Find the profile of Philippe Pedrosa, PLM consultant at CENIT !

After studying industrial maintenance, Phillippe did many missions to develop his skills which led him to become interested in drawing and then join the CENIT teams in support with a drawing expertise.

3 tips you would give yourself at the age of 14…

Philippe Pedrosa: “The first would be: pay attention to the communication you receive in general, pay attention to all types of communication, verbal and non-verbal. It is very important to capture all the information, to receive all the information and to understand it well. The second would be: pay attention to the communication but to the communication you send, the communication you give. It is also important, it is very important to give information and to make sure that you have given the information well. And the third: trust your feeling, follow your intuition too, taking into account all the information you have been able to retrieve.”

Watch the video to see the full interview.

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