Keonys, a leading integrator and distributor of Product Lifecycle Management and 3D solutions

announces the successful implementation of the Abaqus product suite from the SIMULIA brand at Ecocéane, an SMB based in Brittany that designs and markets versatile vessels to recover hydrocarbons and solid waste floating at sea.


Keonys assisted Ecocéane in the deployment of the Abaqus software, which explores the way products behave in the real world using realistic simulation

Jacques Bacry, co-président of Keonys.


Ecocéane designed the entire Spillglop 250 vessel in a digital environment. A physical prototype was not necessary as they were able to simulate and validate the boat’s performance early using virtual simulation. Thanks to digital testing, designers are able to detect errors in the early development stages and design new and more efficient vessels, at lower cost. The successful implementation of Abaqus enabled us to shorten our cycle time by 50

Benjamin Lerondeau, naval architect and design office manager at Ecocéane.


Keonys’ experts in hydrodynamic simulation (fluid mechanics) helped us to virtually test the behavior of the floating arms and their shape under the same conditions as those at sea with a Beaufort wind force scale of 6. The vacuuming action of the turbine works perfectly. We are, therefore, sure that the hydrocarbons can be completely separated from the sea water and that no waste is transferred to the back of the boat and released into the sea.

Benjamin Lerondeau, naval architect and design office manager at Ecocéane.


Ecocéane has been making bold choices for many years. The solutions of Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE Platform (CATIA, DELMIA, 3DVIA, SIMULIA) that we implemented help drive performance and innovation at this French pollution clean-up specialist that we are proud to accompany since 2010.

Jacques Bacry


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