KEONYS,  leading European integrator and distributor of PLM* and 3D solutions, signs a new contract with MSOD-Group, automobile subcontractor of PSA, to provide support with the integration of its robotized body-in-white lines.


Production chain optimization at the core of industrial challenges

MSOD-Group is specialized in engineering, processes, 3D tooling and robotic simulation for assembly work, from the study phase to the final product. The group is a supplier of automobile manufacturer PSA for its simultaneous engineering process definitions, as well as 3D and robotic studies of robotized body-in-white lines.

MSOD-Group was looking for a solution to optimize collaboration with its contractors in real time.


The aim of our design office is to have high-performance robotics tools at our disposal in order to confirm process choices as early on as possible. Is the robot able to perform the required tasks in the existing environment? Does it perform them within the given lead times? These questions are part of the challenges we need to meetstates the MSOD-Group Management Team.


A unique platform between mechanical design and robotic simulation

From the outset of the collaboration, Keonys supported MSOD-Group with the choice of Dassault Systèmes’ DELMIA solution and its integration with PSA.

The software makes it possible to design, simulate, approve and program all means to be implemented (robots, welding clamps, grips, welding equipment) in a 3D production environment).


The impact on the organization of work is considerable. 3D studies performed with CATIA design software generate data that can be used directly by the DELMIA robotic tool, thereby ensuring continuity of the digital chain from engineering to manufacturing.


This unique platform generates considerable productivity gains throughout the production line definition process for the automobile manufacturer, as well as for the subcontracting chain involved in its innovation processexplains Arnaud Varlet, Digital Manufacturing Team Leader at Keonys.


The quality and smoothness of relations with the contractor, as well as with all stakeholders, produce increased responsiveness throughout the project lifecycle.


It is an important stage in the progressive deployment of Dassault Systèmes’ 3DExperience platform within PSA. One of the major objectives is to ensure seamless digital continuity between the manufacturer and its ecosystem. This makes it possible to capitalize on feedback, reduce cycle time and produce significant productivity gains in the definition of robotized production linesstates Franck Eichenberger, Strategic Alliances Director at Keonys.


We are now able to integrate changes more rapidly and are therefore able to meet the requirements of our process. The positive impact on the quality of our products and services will be significant, concludes the Management Team.


Based on this observation and new expertise, MSOD-Group is planning to open up to new industrial markets in the very near future.

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