Romain Bournet BILSING AUTOMATION et Company DIgital Alignment

Your industrial success and performance are at the heart of your strategy. PLM allows you to develop, design and manufacture the best product more quickly.

The Company Digital Alignment offer we have created meets the expectations and needs of all industrialists. In effect, the PLM road map that we create allows us to highlight the focal areas for support of our customers’ industrial strategy.


Innovation and productivity

KEONYS’s Company Digital Alignment initiative has highlighted the need to improve the interactions between our engineering and production sites based in Europe and Asia.

Implementation of a collaborative PLM platform to share a single technical data repository, the standardization of business processes, and improved project management have already proved successful. We have increased our revenue by 63% and doubled our 3D engineering teams.

Romain Bournet, CEO of BILSING AUTOMATION France


Multi-site collaboration

In the case study shown, BILSING Automation was able to:

  • Reduce delivery times
  • Improve the quality of products manufactured
  • Enable all the subsidiaries worldwide to interact in real time with the engineering and production sites

Company Digital Alignment is an indispensable consultancy service to support you in your focal areas of transformation and innovation.




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