premier revendeur mondial de Dassault Systèmes

2018 – WE ARE ONE

A solid group to accompany you every day

In 2017, KEONYS joined the CENIT Group to become the number one Dassault Systèmes reseller worldwide. With the addition of KEONYS, the Group has more than 800 employees and 27 agencies located in eight countries (on three continents).


“Our mission is to help companies modernize with our expertise in the integration of digital solutions. The enthusiasm and expertise of our teams helps us establish creative, collaborative and long-lasting relationships with our customers. Whether for startups or major groups, our aim is to offer a fresh approach and establish new industrial processes in order to jointly build a sustainable, human and effective business model.” Martin Grunau, Chief Operating Officer.

WE ARE ONE : Passion, Innovation and Collaboration punctuate the day-to-day lives of our KEONYS and CENIT people… and above all, each of our customers.

We are excited to share our new video greeting 2018, and do not miss the making of which will arrive soon… and immerse yourself even more in our daily environment. Smiles and friendliness in bonus!





And why not join us on June 19, 2018 to share a moment of passion, innovation and conviviality…?