The Factory of the Future: what’s at stake?

Interview Guillaume VENDROUX, CEO DELMIA Dassault Systèmes

The factory of the future: much more than a technological project

New technologies are present everywhere and the industrial world is no exception. It is indeed one of the foundations of innovation that has led to real transformations in design and manufacturing.

Today, however, this transformation tends to go further: it is also linked to purchasing behaviour that has constantly evolved over time. Products that were then standardized are becoming more and more personalized and consumers who were then looking for simple products are now looking for real experiences.

This search for experience therefore makes the product more complex and thus disrupts’traditional’ manufacturing processes. It is now essential for manufacturers to be able to produce a very complex and customized product capable of responding to almost instantaneous consumption pressure.  Digitizing industrial processes therefore makes it possible to meet this new market demand and deliver the right product to the right public at the right time and at the best price.

From digital transformation to business transformation

If the digitisation of factories makes it possible to increase competitiveness, it must not be to the detriment of operational staff.

Indeed, man is a central element of the factory of the future and an integral part of the company’s value chain. Digital transformation will therefore make it possible to work more comfortably and efficiently by optimizing workstations so that physical robotization combined with process automation allow better decision-making and increased agility to solve problems effectively.

In this context of major redesign of the model, the manager’s role is also changing as he becomes the team’s execution facilitator. His responsibility is to activate the levers that will allow his team to execute the operations correctly. Digital transformation is therefore much more than a simple technological project: it is a business transformation programme that must touch the company’s processes at all levels.