The Industry 4.0. (“Industry of the future” – IDF) show held in June of this year in Mulhouse welcomed world-renowned companies and local SMEs.

Digital solutions are bringing about real transformation in French industry. At the show, KEONYS demonstrated the impact of digital technology on the world of industry and the new modes of operation these changes require.


Digital transformation – boosting growth in industry

Initiated by the Grand Est region of France, the Industries du Futur show in Mulhouse brings together three countries – France, Germany and Switzerland. Its main aim is to promote the expertise of technological and academic solutions providers in the region.

Digital simulation, predictive maintenance, robotics/cobotics, additive manufacturing and augmented reality are transforming industrial processes in the value chain and production models. The impacts of digital technology on

companies’ business models are substantial, including reduced cycle times during the design phase, improvements in efficiency and meeting requirements, development cost reductions and product ranges that are updated faster.

Digital standards at the core of the Industry of the Future (see videos)

A digital player in industrial transformation

KEONYS’ teams presented future technologies at their stand and welcomed many prospective and current clients.  Two experts also led conferences on:

  • Digitization of the industrial chain and new business models

“The question we need to ask ourselves is how to connect digital technologies with standards. In a constantly evolving value chain, industrial applications will guide us…” – Bruno Puechoultres, VP Strategy and Innovation, KEONYS

  • Augmented reality in the service of assembly and maintenance operations

“Factories are becoming increasingly digital and flexible, and thanks to technologies with increasingly high performance levels we can simulate the product manufacturing environment.” – Franck Eichenberger, Director, Strategic Alliances, KEONYS


Academic and industrial testimonials

“Our main challenge is to train engineers to be able to meet the needs of the Industry of the Future, by using Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform.” – Julien Zins, Operational Director, Services Unit, Digital Industry Tools Experts, University of Lorraine.

“Our needs in terms of packaging solutions are based on simulation and the logistics cycle.” – Sébastien Jacomelli, Product Manager, DS Smith Packaging Systems


The digital revolution is underway

Industrial companies, public initiatives, local authorities, educational establishments, solutions providers: all stakeholders in the ecosystem are aware that digital technology is driving forward the renewal of French industry. The technologies and skills are there, as well as the will to bring about a new France. And beyond technology, new professions will gradually emerge. While we cannot define what they will be at the present time, we are counting on productive collaboration between all stakeholders in order to develop new talents. To do this, industrial companies, technologists and higher education establishments must work together to create the innovation of tomorrow. The IngéNUM digital engineering masters, created jointly by KEONYS and Arts et Métiers ParisTech to train “the digital engineer of tomorrow”, is an example of such collaboration.