Bilsing Automation Testimonial – Reduce machine set-up times

Bilsing Automation was originally a company specialized in the manufacture and sale of grippers for industry, a tool for handling body panels before assembling them


Since the deployment of a digital simulation solution, the core business has focused on a service to reduce machine set-up times and optimize production rates. The company now generates 60% of its turnover from this activity.

The challenge: In the past, grippers were assembled directly at the customer’s premises and any problems that might arise were solved on site.  This represented a lot of time and money dedicated to adjusting the robot’s hand trajectory.

The solution: Today, the entire stamping line is digitalized. Numerical simulation makes it possible to check that there is no collision and to optimize the performance of the machines. Now the technicians only have to download the installation program!

“On average, to put a production line into service, it took around 30 to 40 hours. Today the commissioning time is only 4 hours on average, with a record at 2.5 hours!”
Romain Bournet, Manager of Bilsing Automation

By dividing the set-up time by 10, customers are able to produce faster without investing more. Thanks to the deployment of the DELMIA solution, Bilsing Automation has been able to open up to a new market in which they are not competing, thanks to the added value provided by production simulation.

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