Systems engineering


These methods are aimed at – and applicable to – any type of industry sector in order to optimize system and product developments.


KEONYS offers the best practices and procedures to develop and produce a complex system and keep it in operation.

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We help with design and cross-disciplinary processes within the company:


  • Specifications management
  • Interface analysis
  • Risk management
  • Respect of development milestones
  • Analysis and decision-making techniques


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The application of these methods is, however, complex - due to product performance, the network of project actors, risk control, costs and time frames.


Every one of these aspects is a challenge that Keonys will help you to overcome.

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Our deployment process

  • Initial phase to meet with the teams concerned and understand your processes in order to target the aspects of systems engineering that may be of interest to you.
  • We provide numerous suggestions and assist you in your thought process
  • We will propose a configuration of our solutions that is adapted to your requirements, and will integrate your data by applying the processes defined

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Finally, our team will help you to familiarize yourself with the tools and best practices. 


Supported and maintained by INCOSE (International Council of Systems Engineering). Several studies carried out by INCOSE have shown that 40% of lost projects are due to poor specifications management or a lack of traceability.

The deployment of our innovative collaborative solution makes it possible to improve traceability and, as a result, prevent the loss of information and also reduce discrepancies and iterations.

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Creating a low-cost virtual prototype as early as possible in the process also allows for a better understanding of the system. Validation can also take place at a very early stage of the development cycle. Development cycles are reduced, and the quality of deliverables is improved.


In order to facilitate and support our customers with their systems engineering integration, Keonys has set up a dedicated SEA (Systems Engineering and Analysis) team. Our aim is to simplify - and assist in the implementation of - these methods.

Our solutions position themselves on all or part of the V model cycle process:

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  • Management of requirements
  • Validation of virtual prototypes
  • Change management
  • Collaboration and traceability
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