Solution Value Adoption


Solutions for each PLM domain to ensure a value based on your real needs

How to ensure the relevance of a solution according to your needs

SVA for design/DMU

  • CATIA Productivity : Use all the power of CATIA to optimize your BE investment
  • CATIA for Composite Engineering : Adapt the process towards composite engineering to parts that are inconceivable as metal parts

SVA for simulation

  • SIMULATION for Product Pre-dimensioning : Adapt the size of your mechanical assembly to reduce cycle times
  • OPTIMIZE your CAPABILITIES : make your SIMULIA tools flexible obtain better support for your product optimization process

SVA for system engineering

  • Requirement Management Control : Improve your reaction to RFPs through taking into account and managing the prerequisites
  • System Behavior Modeling : Discover how to model the workings of your products with CATIA and DYMOLA SYSTEM

SVA for manufacturing

  • 3D Based Product Costing : Integrate the cost dimension in your design process
  • 3D Technical Documentation : Improve understanding of your technical documentation (instruction sheets, maintenance, product documentation) with 3D
  • CATIA for Composite Manufacturing : Adapt the process of manufacturing the composite parts that are inconceivable like classical parts
  • Production Operations Intelligence : Analyze and identify the reasons for quality problems of some of your production tools

SVA for search based application

  • Prototype your SBA : Manage closer by your research in business data in your digital heritage
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