Company Digital Alignment


How to detect your real PLM needs very early on in the process

This offer helps you to establish with the support of KEONYSyour “PLM vision”. Our consultants offer you a real PLM road map. Based on the industrial challenges you face, our teams take into consideration your organization, the professions within your organization and your IT system enabling them to determine the priority areas for improvement of your processes and PLM solutions and tools to support them.
On this joint basis, they build a concrete, structured implementation project.

Company Digital Alignment projects are rolled out in four cooperative phases:

Scoping phase

  • Jointly define the activities and products to fall within the scope of the study
  • List your expectations with input from company management
  • Identify the key stakeholders, amongst which current practices can be gathered
  • Establish a roll-out plan for interviews and the study at a global level

Observation phase

  • Meet with each of the stakeholders identified during the scoping phase
  • At the end of these interviews, you are provided with a “process view” of activities relating to product development. This view also includes the issues faced by each stakeholder while carrying out their tasks

Orientation phase

  • Identify priorities
  • Reproduce the items inventoried during previous interviews
  • Define the potential benefits which could be gained thanks to the deployment of our PLM solutions
  • Offer initial technical and methodological recommendations

Sharing phase

KEONYS consultants are able to define the PLM solutions that will be the most suitable for your business, and respond to identified challenges. These solutions are also based on the PLM best practices observed within your industrial sector.



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