Agile Project Implementation


An ideal solution to safely implement a flexible and scalable collaboration platform

How to manage and access in real time the status of your product development project

Based on 3DEXperience, this offering allows you to access the real-time status of your product deployment project as well as its related technical specifications at any time.

For wide scale project deployments among our industrial clients, KEONYS consultants have identified common practices in document management and the configuration of technical specifications by the various multi-site project teams, research departments, procurement departments and production.

KEONYS offers you an “Agile Project Implementation” express pack, as a fixed-fee service allowing for handover to occur within three months at a maximum. This pack includes defining the parameters of these common practices, and it provides three profiles with the following shared functionalities:

  • Management and control for consistency of technical specifications per project
  • Use of roles that manage access rights and rights for making changes to information
  • A multi-site, intuitive Web 2.0 platform that provides a frame of reference serving to unite teams
  • Secure, open, flexible and scalable architecture facilitating interaction with the IS
  • Preconfigured, scalable solution that is compatible with DS strategy

Designer profile

  • Immersive integration of your CAD data with their properties
  • Management of versions and revisions, codification and the uniqueness of data
  • Functionality relating to electronic signatures of plans

Engineer profile

  • Management of versions and revisions, codification and the uniqueness of your product items
  • Management of your company’s approval and change cycles
  • Nomenclature import functionality
  • Cloning functionality for full nomenclatures

Project Manager profile

  • Management of the project portfolio and merging, per program, of all associated data
  • Dashboards allowing for monitoring of your projects’ key indicators
  • Structuring the WBS and detailed administration for tasks (planning, resources, deliverables)
  • Management of project models, importing and cloning
  • Capturing weekly time sheets and monitoring of the progress of activities
  • Checking tasks when milestones are reached

We offer you an express package with a lump sum benefit for an ownership in 3 months.

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