KEONYS solutions


KEONYS has developed special relationships with many customers and partners throughout its existence.

Our experience and in-depth understanding of our clients has enabled our experts to design offers adapted to each industry, field and issue at hand.

From our standard offering to specific proposals, we are able to provide solutions for all of your product development needs, while assisting you in identifying the manufacturing challenges you face.

Our offer categories, the “Four A’s“- ALIGN, ADOPT, APPLY, ASSIST – all respond to the same desire to access offers that are separate from one another, and that are applicable to different cycles of product development.

Whether we can assist you in conducting a study of your PLM project , analyzing industry-related solutions with high added value, or with the integration and proper application of these solutions, technical support and skills development, find out more about our offers below:


Hexagone_Align Hexagone_Adopt Hexagone_Apply Hexagone_Assist


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