Get Ready 4 Cloud

Does that sound familiar to you?


  • Duplicated data, little reused,
  • Considerable time spent getting the right information,
  • Processes that are abnormally long to implement,
  • Risks of non-compliance….


This should no longer exist.
Discover a modern answer to these problems: a reliable collaboration platform, a unique source of information accessible by each actor in a process, at any time and from anywhere.

The Cloud is becoming a reality in more and more B to B applications (CRM, HR, Office…). PLM on the Cloud is now coming of age.


Dassault Systèmes opens the availability of its 3DEXPERIENCE® platform to the cloud. Simple, cost-effective and quick to implement – it’s a great business accelerator, no matter what your industry.


KEONYS and CENIT support companies of all sizes in implementing the 3DEXPERIENCE® solution on the Cloud. We deploy some of Dassault Systèmes’ most significant cloud projects. Based on our feedback, we have developed a service offer, tailored to your project maturity: from the discovery to the configuration of the platform, up to the control of key processes.


1/ Are you wondering what the Cloud can do for you?


Our offer is ONBOARDING and gives you a complete overview of the fundamentals of the Cloud. Ideal to convince a management or validate the interest of the Cloud for a first project.


2/ The advantages of PLM over the Cloud are no secret to you. But where do you start?


Our ALIGN offer is designed to align your priority needs with the solution, and define your roadmap.


3/ You are ready for your first Cloud project: let’s optimize the deployment of the process of your choice.


This service offer speeds up and optimizes the deployment of a selection of (most common) business processes. We transfer our best practices to you to implement and manage your PLM process in the cloud. From CAD to simulation, from design to project management… we aim to deliver a quick win.





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