KEONYS offers a range of solutions, services, software, and offers adapted to your problems that will allow you to optimize the processing of goods and set up after-sales profitable.

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We also assist you in innovative domains such as the augmented reality (AR) for the production:

  • Guiding process simulation and control means
  • Guidance and supervision of manual assembly operations
  • Automated check to verify the assembly line

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Our experts will advise you in your price optimization strategies of cost of parts and assemblies:

  • Design to cost
  • Make or buy analysis
  • Négotiation with suppliers
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From engineering processes to the monitoring of real-time production, our teams of experts help you to meet your challenges in the areas of cost simulation, manufacturing, implementation and the operational intelligence:

  • Resources: simulation, preparation, planning and management of resources
  • Quality: collection and use of quality data

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  • Supply chain: simulation, planning and flow monitoring within and outside the production site
  • Production planning: simulation and optimization of a new line or line changing
  • Production: burden sharing and real-time monitoring
  • The execution of the production: making and task progress


  • Quickness of process product design
  • Support for the entire production process for engineers of all disciplines, suppliers and other stakeholders
  • Improving the efficiency of the production process
  • better control of ageing-related cost increases by reducing the errors detected during the simulation

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  • An internet connection reserved for users to create and collaboration related to the planning of the manufacturing process
  • Improved productivity and security for workers through simulation of movement
  • Manufacturing processes and production dedicated ready, accelerating product launch


Our teams use powerful software and tested to meet your challenges:

  • DELMIA allows you to model and design the means of production in your plant. Imagine unlimited planning, management and optimization of your manufacturing systems while keeping their hands on your budget.
  • DELMIA APRISO supports global industrial operations, the software will give you a real-time visibility into manufacturing operations in order to better control your project.
  • APRIORI help you reduce the cost of manufacture of your products, accelerate innovation and quality with this solution for decision support
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