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KEONYS ensures customer satisfaction by meeting all of their requirements in terms of reactivity, quality and budget.

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KEONYS manages the key collaborative processes of today. Its teams of experts orientated around the ENOVIA and Business Intelligence brand have acquired experience in implementing these collaborative practices in leading industries (automotive, defense, aeronautics, industrial equipment, etc.).

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Many clients task us each year to:

  • Implement their collaborative processes for product development
  • Update these processes
  • Migrate towards more modern platforms (ENOVIA V6)
  • Support these environments that have gone into production with dedicated TPAM offerings 

All of these offerings are included in the KEONYS service portfolio.

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Today it is vital to acquire and retain market share and understand the functional and prescriptive requirements of clients and purchasers in order to rapidly translate them into demonstrable functions or responses to RFPs.
Companies must be capable of integrating the requirements of their clients in their project or product development process.


The development of products across multiple sites is a major challenge.

Several economic phenomena play a part in this need:

  • The launch of products on a worldwide scale (market globalization)
  • The increasing complexity of systems comprised of products, which requires several study sites to work together
  • A decrease in cycles, from the identified requirement to the end product, which requires stronger integration between clients/engineering/industrialization and production (including collaborative contracting and subcontracting).

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Modern industry requires that project management no longer be done in isolation from management of product data, but rather that it be done as a combined operation.

Aligning project management best practices with best practices for multi-site product development has become a model for rolling out efficient governance which capitalizes on the real progress of product data (deliverables).

Drawing on well-supported management of the quality process (eg.: APQP in the automotive industry / ISO in aeronautics / DMR DHR for medical tools), KEONYS ensures implementation of all available means to avoid missing client deadlines and exceeding project budgets.  


  • Management of the configuration of the functional and commercial aspects of products 
  • Management of product data and their integrated design
  • Seamless collaboration throughout the entire extended company, with nomenclatures dedicated to manufacturing and support

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  • Management of programs and product planning to identify and handle project risks before they have a real impact
  • Design approaches for systems based on management of ENOVIA requirements 
  • Classification and protection of intellectual property, the company's competitive advantage (for example specifications, nomenclatures, requirements, geometries, models, etc.)


It is often necessary to do a reality check beforehand, and to think out a road map for the client. KEONYS offers you their personalized CONSULTING OFFERING with Company Digital Alignment, which allows for the formalization and structuring of the initial phases of deployment.

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To respond to the challenges faced by SMEs, we propose an IMPLEMENTATION OFFERING to deploy each essential collaborative process at a reasonable cost by standardizing our project approach: Agile Project Implementation.

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