Proven solution for traceability of requirements management and impact analysis throughout the life cycle of projects and products.


Requirements management (prerequisite for the stages of design and development of a product) is now recognized as a good practice for project management.


Reqtify ™ also offers the most comprehensive list of couplings on the market to best match your engineering needs. It can capture data from any source (file, database) and transfer them to other sources, preserving their semantics. Thus, with documents from a multitude of sources, you can have an overview of requirements and coverage.


Reqtify is an indispensable tool for:

  • Continuous improvement of sources by checking many rules in a Quality Approach (rules on syntax errors, inconsistent data, covers/non-covers, the bypass and/or the set of requirements, etc.)
  • Intuitive capture, easy and fast requirements directly from Word™ or PDF™ documents with Option Reqtify™ Tagger
  • Change management by addition, deletion or modification of requirements
  • Analysis of upstream and downstream impacts, help with regression risk management
  • The management of information on the life of requirements



Benefits according to users

  • Project work can easily be linked to requirements from any source
  • Reqtify facilitates the deployment of your requirements management process
  • Easy integration into your environment, even for projects already started because Reqtify is non-intrusive
  • A solution that is qualifiable for Standards Certification
  • An economical solution

So, no matter what your project requirements and organization, Reqtify easily creates links between your requirements and allows you to manage their implementation and verification.


Easy integration into your environment, even for projects already started

Reqtify performs an external analysis of project data, so there is no need to import files or information: Reqtify captures them directly from their current location on your computer or your corporate network.
This unique approach allows Reqtify be used even if the projects have already started, with a management process for requirements already defined.
Configuration can be made very quickly, usually in less than 1 day, ensuring a return on investment for the project from generation of the first document.


The most economical solution on the market

  • Reqtify is very intuitive, easy to use and easy to configure
  • Typically training takes 2 days to cover all aspects of the software
  • Reqtify is not based on any database and a no full-time employee is required to administer it
  • Most of the requirements management work is carried out directly in the development and verification tools themselves, allowing optimization of the use of Reqtify licenses

Reqtify has the lowest per-user cost price on the market making it the most economical solution for hardware and software project teams.

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