Software workshop for design and validation of control/command of automated systems.

ControlBuild is a software workshop dedicated to the design and validation of control/automation systems. ControlBuild allows the user to describe, simulate, test, validate and deploy industrial applications. It meets the needs of systems integration services companies, masters of works, engineering firms, consultants, operators and system builders.


The modules of the software suite that accompany the entire life cycle of an application:

  • System design based on reusable templates
  • Library of open components
  • Complete system validation through simulation
  • Application distribution over a hardware architecture
  • Automatic code generation
  • Automatic generation of project documentation
  • Graphical editors for virtual commissioning
  • Integration tests/test bench
  • Traceability of developments and requirements




Software for the design and validation of control/command for automated systems. The success of a project depends largely on the quality and accuracy of the functional specifications. Using ControlBuild Design, designers can build a realistic virtual model of a facility or system (control systems, sensors, actuators, operator panels, HMI, supervision).

This dynamic prototype is used to verify and validate at the earliest the functional specifications of the system. It allows all those involved in a project to ensure that the solutions devised correspond to the client’s stated needs. Through the system’s animated graphics they can visualize the solution instead of having to browse through code and documentation.

The key features associated with ControlBuild Design are:

  • Design and structure of a system
  • Reuse of knowledge and libraries
  • Know how management
  • Design validation using simulations and animated graphics
  • Generation of project design files



ControlBuild Application Generator

ControlBuild Application Generator is designed to:

Design at low cost and on time thanks to the validation methodology implemented since the beginning of the cycle up to the reception phase (incremental approach)

  • Generates various project documents at any time
  • Unites the different business teams on the basis of executable specifications
  • Supports the design features and standard IEC 61131-3 languages
  • Exploits expertise by ensuring the reuse of previous developments
  • Manages business standards and rules (IEC 61508, EN 50128, GAMP…)



ControlBuild Validation


Simulator for testing and training to guarantee good control of automated systems

ControlBuild Validation was designed to represent as accurately as possible the behavior and reactions of electromechanical equipment in automated production infrastructure and facilities.

Example: simulation environment of an auto paint shop

For the different stages of integration and acceptance testing, but also during the life of the automated system, the control engineer will have a replica of the behavior of the electromechanical devices that are controlled by the control system/control.

L’influence de ces composants sur la physique (manutention de pièces, températures, pression) peut aussi très facilement être décrite pour disposer d’un modèle vraiment représentatif de l’installation. The influence of these components on the physical reality (parts handling, temperature, pressure) can also easily be described, giving a truly representative model of the system.

ControlBuild Validation and an ideal test bed on which the project managers and developers can check the different operating modes of an automated system (normal, automatic and manual, detection and diagnosis, setting to fallback, re-cycle procedure…).

Indeed, in addition to reproducing the physical behavior of the installation, ControlBuild Validation can simulate faults(immobilizing sensors, blocking movements, removing parts, disturbing measurements…) on electromechanical equipment at the plant.

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