Digital factory

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DELMIA allows you to model and design your factory’s production methods. You can devise the schedule, management and optimization of your manufacturing systems as many times as you wish whilst controlling your budget.


DELMIA will enable you to:

  • Schedule resources and processes in order to create and optimize manufacturing systems.
  • Virtually optimize manufacturing resources at the same time as your planning.
  • Follow production activities in real time, modify schedules, launch new programs, introduce model changes and schedule maintenance operations.


The benefits of DELMIA

  • Quick design of the production process.
  • Treatment of the whole production process for engineers from all disciplines, suppliers and other stakeholders.
  • Improved efficiency of the production process.
  • Better control of costs through reducing the errors detected during the simulation.
  • An internet connection – specifically reserved for users – for the creation and collaboration relating to the planning of the manufacturing process.
  • Improved productivity and safety for workers thanks to the simulation of their movements.
  • Dedicated, ready-to-use manufacturing and production processes, thereby accelerating the launch of the product.>


Meet the other add-ons as part of the digital factory

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