PLM and 3D software

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Transforming an idea into a finished product requires the implementation of business processes in specific technical areas.

Keonys proposes a wide range of PLM solutions Рin particular the comprehensive Dassault Syst̬mes software portfolio Рto refine a concept and accelerate its development and production.
These solutions address the different phases of the product lifecycle:

Management of collaboration and business processes, with ENOVIASystem engineering with CATIA SYSTEMS and REQTIFYDesign and conception management thanks to CATIAThe management of the technical documentation with CATIA COMPOSERSimulation and scientific analysis of the product with SIMULIAProcess modelling with DELMIAData management with EXALEAD ONEPART


Our numerous partnerships mean that we can cover all your project software requirements, from the least to the most specialized, and whether you decide to purchase or lease.