Packaged consumer goods


The aim of the packaged consumer goods sector is to propose quality products that satisfy consumer requirements.


The packaged consumer goods (PCG) sector includes all distributors and manufacturers in the food-processing industry, whose aim is to propose quality products that satisfy consumer requirements.

They need to be involved very early on in the design and packaging of a product.

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KEONYS has developed special relationships with many customers and partners in the PCG sector. Our technical consultants take part in large-scale international PLM implementation projects. They are experts in business practices and will provide you with the following consulting or operational services:

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  • Assessment of your information system and definition of a PLM roadmap and implementation strategy.
  • Implementation and adoption of your PLM information system through the integration of high-performance software and configured modules in order to address industrial challenges.  
  • Implementation of methodologies and good practices according to your industry sector, your business operations and your PLM projects.    
  • Post-deployment support and skills development via our technical support center and our training center.
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The challenges of PCG relate to the manufacturing of the products, their distribution and their impacts on the environment.

  • Product innovation through trying to win back the consumer at the point of sale.
  • Launch on the market at the right time, taking seasonality into account.
  • Integration of labelling standards.

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  • Be capable of simulating shelf displays and sales.
  • Ensure waste is processed.
  • Reduce carbon footprint by optimizing packaging materials.
  • Improve the consumers' buying experience.
  • Reduce the cost of IT infrastructures.
  • Provide greater collaboration between the distributor and the manufacturer.


The implementation of our solutions will enable you to:

  • Have a single repository thus reducing costs
  • Design your packaging more quickly
  • Optimize packaging features (material, shape, design)
  • Adapt your products according to the markets

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  • Reduce material costs and eliminate scrap
  • Accurately analyze sales
  • Anticipate the impact of standards on labelling
  • Meet environmental standards  (carbon footprint) via the simulation of adapted products


Thanks to its expertise in the PCG sector, the success of its transformation projects with manufacturers and distributors and to its partnerships, KEONYS is able to:

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  • Support you in the deployment of innovative 3D experiences and a software collaboration platform, enabling distributors and brands to perfect the buying experience, validate and deploy consumer experiences whilst increasing product visibility and brand profitability, and stand out from the competition
  • Integrate 3D software possessing all the necessary functionalities to design, share, collaborate and measure
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