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For over 20 years, the PLM solutions deployed in the automobile sector have made it possible to drastically reduce the time-to-market of new vehicules, optimize costs and improve their quality.


This sector is currently facing new challenges: safety and environmental standards, integration of on-board electronics, changes of use and user expectations.

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KEONYS has developed special relationships with many customers and partners in the Automobile sector. Our technical consultants take part in large-scale international PLM implementation projects. They are experts in business practices and will provide you with the following consulting or operational services:

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  • Assessment of your information system and definition of a PLM roadmap and an implementation strategy.
  • Implementation and adoption of your PLM information system through the integration of high-performance software and configured modules in order to address industrial challenges.  
  • Implementation of methodologies and good practices according to your industry sector, your business operations and your PLM projects.    
  • Post-deployment support and skills development via our technical support center and our training center.
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Major changes to transform business processes are required in order to meet the challenges facing the automobile industry:

  • Product innovation.
  • Putting products on the market quickly and constantly.
  • Simulating the performance of the groups of products to be manufactured.
  • Controlling projects, their complexity and deliverables.

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  • Ensuring multi-site overall collaboration.
  • Reducing carbon footprint and integrating an environmentally-responsible approach.
  • Using digital mock-ups as a project management and key indicators tool.
  • Implementation of integrated Design-to-Manufacturing business systems.


The implementation of our solutions will enable you to:

  • Standardize and deploy new collaborative working methods.
  • Benefit from an optimal management of information and expertise.
  • Reuse components and processes.
  • Control product modifications.
  • Adapt to new customer demands.

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  • Innovate with regard to technical solutions.
  • Address more product versions.
  • Create new, more global product solutions expected by the market.
  • Provide better support to major customers.
  • Gain in flexibility and portability with regard to studies and production facilities.
  • Establish relevant partnerships.


Thanks to its expertise in the automobile sector, the success of transformation projects with manufacturers and its partnerships, KEONYS can:

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  • Integrate 3D software with all the functionalities necessary to design, share and collaborate on complex projects. Our consultants will assist you with the implementation of optimized processes and good practices in order to accelerate your capacity for innovation and reduce design and manufacturing cycles.
  • Implement and manage a single, standardized and secure engineering repository so as to collect and centralize all the data and product development processes of your teams and partners.
  • The deployment of a PLM platform and real-time work will enable project leaders to provide governance, intervene quickly thanks to defined dashboards, and thereby reduce risks and costs.
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