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Architectural, engineering and construction companies need to improve their project management and anticipate the maintenance requirements of their structures.


Environmental quality regulations, urban planning constraints, increased safety standards, new materials, connected intelligence and new technologies: the construction sector is undergoing major upheavals. In order to meet these challenges, architectural, engineering and construction companies must succeed in improving the management of their projects and related documents, and anticipate the maintenance requirements of their structures.

Sharing information between the various trades throughout the process is therefore a major challenge.

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KEONYS has developed special relationships with many customers and partners in the architecture and construction sector. Our technical consultants take part in large-scale international PLM implementation projects. They are experts in business practices and will provide you with the following consulting or operational services:

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  • Assessment of your information system and definition of a PLM roadmap and an implementation strategy.
  • Implementation and adoption of your PLM information system through the integration of high-performance software and configured modules in order to address industrial challenges.  
  • Implementation of methodologies and good practices according to your industry sector, your business operations and your PLM projects.    
  • Post-deployment support and skills development via our technical support center and our training center.
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In order to maintain their competitive edge and meet the crucial challenges they are facing, companies must:

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  • Control project governance,
  • Share and analyze study results
  • Transform manufacturing and construction processes
  • Coordinate multi-site construction projects
  • Reduce delivery and supply times
  • Anticipate maintenance and decommissioning operations


  • Define the initial requirements of the work prior to ordering capital equipment.
  • Complete as much of the design and simulation work as possible early in the process - ideally before responding to a call for tenders - in order to ensure that the building or structure can be built cost-effectively and at the agreed price.
  • Design and manufacture general-purpose components - from the structure to electrical and hydraulic systems - in order to ensure that the construction will be built correctly from the outset.

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  • Optimize construction, operating and maintenance processes to increase safety, reduce downtime and guarantee long-term cost-effectiveness for the owners.
  • Maximize the reuse of design and knowledge from one successful project to another.
  • Manage complexity, particularly with regard to sophisticated distributed systems and the interdependent work of engineering consultants, suppliers and construction sites.
  • Provide the owners and developers with a basic repository containing the construction information and processes required throughout the project's lifecycle.
  • Support responses to calls for tender and automatically generate Office, 3D or 2D documents


Thanks to its expertise in the architecture and construction industry sector, the success of its transformation projects with other market actors and its partnerships, KEONYS can help you with the deployment of PLM solutions that will enable you to:

  • Virtually define buildings and dispose of a 3D digital mock-up.
  • Manage projects, business processes and the lifecycle of constructions.
  • Share information between site managers and between the various trades.
  • Organize and plan building sites, particularly the optimization of workloads on multi-site or parallel projects.

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  • Integrate a single global collaboration platform to address any challenges and support the entire cycle - from architecture, engineering and construction through to building maintenance.
  • The use of 3D digital mock-ups will bring innovative structures to the building whilst adding value throughout the project lifecycle. Building information modeling (BIM) is a reality and must be supported by an integrated range of PLM applications and technological resources to enable the sharing and exchange of information in compliance with IFC standards.
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